Sixtine has been extremely interested in household routines and I try my best to give her opportunities to do so. I can’t remember when I unloaded the dishwasher on my own! Good thing is, I don’t even have to bend anymore to get dishes from the bottom drawer, Sixtine is an excellent little helper.

In fact, I find that she is much more interested in everyday life chores and activities than anything else (playing, toys, crafts). She is a very helpful and observant child – just like I was as a girl.

I let her wash her breakfast dishes and she seemed to enjoy it a lot. I love watching her concentrating on tasks!

5 thoughts on “Washing Dishes

  1. Anne

    This is awesome! I’ve been reluctant to let Elise help me wash dishes because I’m nervous about them breaking in our sink, but I really like the idea of using a separate basin. I love that you include Sixtine in so many of the things that you do – you are such an inspiring mama!


    1. Sixtine et Victoire Post author

      Thank you Anne. It means a lot coming from you! It was Sixtine’s own breakfast dishes and I only gave her a couple to start with and see how she would do.
      She did great and like you said, using a basin makes it much easier on them (and us!).


  2. Ingrid

    My son is the same way. Yesterday, he refused to let me vacuum the kitchen. I let him. I remember not being able to help with the dishes. When it came time to do them I was not interested. Ah, the mistakes we learn from our parent(s).


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