Someone was very excited this morning at the sight of a tray filled with purple water! Sixtine really enjoys water work and the sponge really added something to it. Sponging, squeezing, and repeating the process proved to require concentration and coordination. The tray was quick to set up and Victoire enjoyed observing her sister at work!


4 thoughts on “Transferring Water With A Sponge

  1. Nina

    My kiddo did this too when he entered Montessori preschool. One of his favorite activities, especially since he loves water. I can’t believe that was just a year ago! He has since moved on to other activities, but I remember this one helped break him in to school :)


    1. Sixtine et Victoire Post author

      Hi Nina! Same here with Sixtine and Victoire, they love playing with water. I wasn’t surprised to see her excitement! If there are other Montessori activities your child enjoys doing that you would like to suggest, please don’t hesitate!


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