Where did time go? This morning, my daughter held her own bottle during the entire feeding.  She started showing interested into holding very early but never really did it. I was very proud of her. After lunch, Sixtine and I went to the living room to play. Now, that she is mobile and can go anywhere she pleases, she loves to be on the go and gets into everything. She especially enjoys going under tables or pulling out DVDs out of… Read more »

Because it is important to keep track. The big smile on my daughter’s face when she wakes up in the morning.  But that is not it, she also does a little Elvis-like dance that is absolutely adorable. It is everyday of the week, every week but you can’t beat that. Becoming a Permanent Resident Of Canada. Duh ! Laughing as there was no tomorrow with my husband on Skype. Winning the book “French Kids Eat Everything” by Karen Le Billon… Read more »

This Igbo and Yoruba (Nigeria) proverb exists in different forms in many African languages. The basic meaning is that child upbringing is a communal effort. The responsibility for raising a child is shared with the larger family (sometimes called the extended family). Everyone in the family participates especially the older children, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even cousins. It is not unusual for African children to stay for long periods with their grandparents or aunts or uncles. Even the wider… Read more »

I don’t know what it is but I have butterflies in my stomach today. Not the fun butterflies, the nervous ones. I feel somehow overwhelmed. Being a new mum has been a very emotional journey so far. I wrote about being “the perfect mum” a little while ago and really, I am not trying to be  perfect. But I want to be the best I can be for my daughter.  I feel that I didn’t give the best start to… Read more »

I was going to write a long venting post about how tired I was, how I couldn’t get anything done, and how I needed a vacation. Instead, I googled “it gets better first time mum” and read an article about how things will, indeed, get better. So dear Mamas and Papas, share your it gets betters under this post and cheer up a tired first-time mum !