Sixtine started attending Montessori school at the end of March. There are three Montessori campuses in our province and we are lucky to leave 10 minutes away from one of them. I had been wanting to sign her up a while ago and I was so excited to get my driver’s license so I could take her!

She attends the toddler program three mornings a week and her teacher is absolutely wonderful. I haven’t known her long but there is something about her. I just know – she is very sweet and enthusiastic and I love that about people. She is a certified Montessori teacher, and she seems very knowledgeable.

Sixtine is still in a discovery stage where she wants to explore everything she sees – but can you blame a girl? I am an adult and I wanted to use every single tray and material I saw when we had the tour!

I love the sense of community I get whenever I go there. The “big kids” (children attending the Casa program aged 3-6) are always welcoming to Sixtine! The facility is smaller than the one downtown but it contributes to that homey feeling and they have everything they need. One common room for the Casa children and one room for the Toddlers. They also provide enrichment classes for older children (Maths, Reading) as well as extra-curricular activities (Dance, Music and Tae Kwon Do I believe?)!

Sixtine’s teacher has been great at communicating with me and I am sincerely happy about making that choice and decision for her. I get to know what Sixtine’s interests are on a regular basis and I know what lessons were presented to her via her “communication book”.

Here are some activities and lessons that Sixtine has done or was presented lately:

  • sorting and pouring
  • squeezing a sponge lesson
  • rolling a mat
  • sand paper numbers (1,3, and 7)
  • shape matching, sequencing and spooning tiny beads
  • squeezing a baster
  • pink tower

Sending her to Montessori school has relieved a lot of stress and I feel much more relaxed and less pressured as well. I know her certified teacher will give her the right tools to learn and I can do the best I can as a Mom and not as an educator. It is a fine line I have been struggling with. I will write more about this subject at a later date.

The only downside about sending her there is that because it is a school, it is closed in the summer and the hours can be inconvenient. I am not sure how we will work around it when I go back to work but we shall see. It is also more expensive than daycare.  In the meantime, it has been very exciting to see her grow and get excited about things she learnt at school.

I have been thinking of getting this book for her. I think it will be a helpful tool! Would anyone else recommend it?

10 thoughts on “Sixtine Goes To Montessori School

  1. Meghan

    How exciting! Also you’ve got me envious of your toddler program (there isn’t one in our area currently).

    This line really resonated with me: “I know her certified teacher will give her the right tools to learn and I can do the best I can as a Mom and not as an educator.”

    I also think the thing I’d appreciate about Jasper being in a school is being part of a children’s community. As an only/first-born, he’s often alone with adults, and I’d love it if he had more kids around on a more regular basis with whom to help each other put their coats on and learn from how to spread peanut butter. There’s just something so unique about those child-to-child learning opportunities.


    1. Sixtine et Victoire Post author

      I totally agree with you Meghan. Sixtine thrives with other children around. She too has been home alone with me (and her baby sister) and I was starting to feel that she was missing out. We have also had horrible weather this winter so going out for play dates wasn’t really an option. She loves being around other children and like you, I find children learn best from other children! That is how she learnt how to walk!


  2. Elsa

    This is really great! And 10 minutes away from home, fantastic! Three mornings a week seems just right at her age and she will learn tons! Finn will also attend a Montessori school three mornings a week when he’s 3. When will you go back to work?


  3. Beth - Our Montessori Life

    Quentin recommends the book! It’s one of his favourites and like confirming that he does what Jack does. What a wonderful experience for Sixtine. We are hoping Quentin will be able to attend when he reaches 2.5 years.


  4. Kylie

    Congratulations, the school sounds wonderful. I felt as sense of relief once Otis started school. It feels as though in his teachers I have real and genuine partners, contributors to his learning. Nothing can compare to a well resourced Montessori school. Otis once took the book to school and his Directress showed him all the materials in the book that were also in his classroom – he loved it.


    1. Sixtine et Victoire Post author

      Thank you Kylie! I am glad to hear that sense of relief is shared with other Moms. We all want the best for our children and it can get overwhelming at times (doing it all I mean). I am sure Sixtine will enjoy the book!


  5. Sapling House

    Oh I understand this too! Ginger is learning so quickly at the moment and I feel I can’t keep up with her. She is not yet two but has displayed an interest in colours and knows about 15 consistently. I feel I am falling behind because I don’t have a lot of the materials for this and she learns so quickly! I wish we had an infant program in our area – how fortunate :)


  6. Eline

    How great that you have found this school for Sixtine! Nothing beats finding a place where your child is visibly happy and having fun learning new things.

    I completely understand what you mean about there being a fine line between our role as a mum and our role as an educator. I really did not expect to struggle with this, as I used to be a teacher (preschool and elementary). I thought that I would just use all these ideas I have in my head at home too! But now that I am a mum, being a teacher to my own child in such a purposeful way feels unnatural. Of course I want to teach him things, but I can’t help but feel that me putting on ‘lessons’ at home is less effective than him learning in classroom environment with other children around him to share the experience.

    He goes to a good nursery, so for now I am concentrating on involving him in household tasks (he is *obsessed* with helping) and encouraging lots of free play and fun at home. Every now and again we do a structured activity, but nowhere near as often as I thought we would! I guess I’m just trying to be his comforting, nurturing mummy first, and his wise teacher second.


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