Today was such a beautiful, cold and sunny day, it was the perfect day for a very calming and peaceful activity. I came across this lovely basil plant seeds kit when I was pregnant with Victoire and never opened it. The kit advertises “for children aged 6 to 12” but I figured Sixtine would be able to use it with some supervision.

She showed a lot of interest, patience and concentration, and I really enjoyed painting those rocks with her. It was a really sweet moment. I just love observing her working. She is so meticulous and gracious!

She will be in charge of watering the plant everyday and I am excited to see her reaction to a nice and tall plant!

15 thoughts on “Planting Seeds

      1. Mars M.

        I have never tried grass seeds, but mung beans sprout in a day or two. :) I have never planted basil before either–but I love the smell of it! I plan to grow some when we move to our new house. I should involve my baby when he/she’s ready–just so many things to do and he/she hasn’t even arrived yet! :)


  1. Retro Love

    Awesome! Basil is one of our favorites. Once your plant has grown, Sixtine will probably enjoy making some pesto with you or having some chopped basil with her pasta :)


  2. Grow Grow Grow

    What a great idea to plant a herb you can have with your meal! I should do this with Finn soon! I like Sixtine’s top by the way, it’s lovely and the colours suit her very well. Love your painted stones, too!


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  4. Sapling House

    I love this! My daughter likes digging in the dirt with me when I’m walking in the garden and she helps me plant seedlings – this is a lovely way to extend that experience!


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