I was just done running errands when I stumbled upon a flyer for children cooking classes. I thought it was a wonderful idea and decided to sign us up for the next available class which was Spring Flower Fun Foods.

The flyer said: “In today’ class, you and your little chefs will have a blast by helping to create a spring “flower garden” in our kitchen. Your beautiful, edible creations will include Flower-Shaped Cut-Out Sandwiches and yummy Marshmallow Flower Decorated Cupcakes. Gardening never tasted so good!”

Crayons and themed coloring pages were on the table when we first arrived. It allowed for prepping time and waiting for everyone to arrive. Wearing an apron made Sixtine feel right at home and she started to get very excited!

Heather, our Chef for the day is just wonderful with children, not only does she engage the kids very well but Sixtine felt very comfortable with her. I loved the fact that the children were completely involved in the baking and cooking process, and there was never a dull moment! (Plus who doesn’t like to make a mess in someone else’s kitchen!)

While the cupcakes were baking, the children started working on flower-shaped sandwiches which they were allowed to eat right after as well as cut up banana and strawberries. Six really loved making the sandwich, layering each ingredients and naming them as she went.

We both had a lovely Mommy and Daughter time and I highly recommend giving it a try if those classes are available in your area.

Do you ever plan for one-on-one time with your child? What are your favorite things to do together? 

ps: PEI Moms! Classes are available here or you can contact Heather for more information at pccookingschool.charlottetown@loblaw.ca.

ps2: These are iphone pictures. Sorry about quality!

6 thoughts on “Our First Mama & Baby Cooking Class

  1. Christy

    The classes look like fun! What great pictures!!! I had already been thinking of taking Jamie to the class this week before I saw your post (I saw it advertised recently on an in-store whiteboard) but I had concluded that he might be a bit too ‘young’ for it. attention span-wise. Based on your post, I think I was right – Sixtine definitely has more advanced concentration skills, and would get much much out of the class than he would right now :-) Looks like she had such a great time! Fabulous pics!!


  2. Elsa

    This class looks great! I’ve just had a look and there is one in our area but its really expensive… It gives me the idea of organising something in our house for Finn and his friends though!

    One activity we have recently started doing together is going to a children’s yoga class every week. We both love it!


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