Cherishing every minute of every day we have together as I slowly transition from being a stay-at-home mother after over 30 months. The weather has been really nice around here and it has been wonderful. Victoire enjoys riding swings and eating sand very fondly. She also loves flowers and grass.

Sixtine is a whole different child outside. It makes my heart sing to see her so happy and serene. She loves insects, dirt, birds and trees…every little things I wouldn’t notice with my adult eyes. She is in harmony with Nature – or else why would she say Hi to the Sun and bye to the Water?


6 thoughts on “Hi Sun!

  1. Meghan

    It looks like a beautiful day! Not at all like the frigid, cloudy PEI I saw on my last visit – in early August!

    Doing the David Suzuki #30x30challenge this month has reminded me just how important it is to get outside — Jasper and I are both happier and calmer.


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