I love traditions – it has been wonderful experiencing Canadian culture since I moved here three years ago. Now that we have a family, traditions mean even more to me and I love celebrating the new season and creating memories for my little ones. We took our girls to the pumpkin patch once but it was so cold (Sixtine was shaking) that we had to leave and came back another time. We got Sixtine to pick a very big pumpkin, and a few small ones and took a few family pictures.

My husband was very helpful with carving and Sixtine was in charge of spooning out the seeds and stingry pulp but she didn’t like the texture so “Daddy” had to finish it (I am not a fan either). I am very happy with the finished product:


2 thoughts on “Family Pumpkin Fun And Carving Ideas

  1. Nina

    Nice pumpkin! We’ll be getting ours too in a few weeks and have started a tradition of going to the pumpkin patch and picking some out (and yes, leaving the carving to daddy lol).


    1. Sixtine et Victoire Post author

      Thank you Nina – it is a bit early for carving but we wanted to do it as a family and my husband won’t be home for a bit now so we decided it would be the best time for us! Thank you for popping by!


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